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The most versatile resistance product ever created!

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Who’s Using?
University of California, San Diego (Coach David Marsh, 2016 Olympic Head Coach)

Rice University (Head Coach Seth Huston)

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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Use on feet, calves, forearms, hips, parachute, & kickboard drag!

Resistance Gloves (PB10 size)
4 sizes:
– PB50 – huge size, for pull sets or powerful kickers
– PB40 – medium size, suitable for swimmers (ages 15+)
– PB25 – small size, suitable for longer sets (ages 11+)
– PB10 – for hands or kids under 10 (these are VERY small)
Note: some colleges use all sizes, most age groups use PB40 and PB25

Drills and Corrections with Power Bags
On Feet:

IMG_0128-Edit-2IMG_8494-Edit 4

  • As drag socks, the Power Bags improve the kick or act as drag on pull sets
  • Kick at the surface with power
  • Reduce knee flexing
  • Power your kick from your hips
  • Add drag for pull sets
  • Trains to hide kick on pull sets
  • Great on timed sets
  • Close the bottom strap for harder workout

Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune your Upper Body Strength
Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Flutter Kick Power

On Calves:

IMG_9355 2_edited-1IMG_0013-Edit-2

  • Completely NEW way to feel and train the kick!
  • Restricts knee bend
  • Add drag for pull sets
  • Finally a drag socks that can attach to the calves for breast kicking
  • Fires up your Breast kick

Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Flutter Kick Power
Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Breast Kick

For Breast Kicking (bags on feet or Calves):

IMG_5706 2IMG_9415-2

  • Power the breast kick
  • Hide breast recovery
  • Help finish whip on Breast kicking
  • Increase calf awareness

Use the Power Bags to Fine Tune Breast Kick

On Forearms (hand out or in Fist):

IMG_9856-Edit 2IMG_9831 2

  • Power the stroke and recovery
  • Build recovery muscles and speed
  • Increase recovery speed
  • Improve ‘high elbow’ or EVF Catch
  • Other Sox can only be used with a fist, the ONE Power Bags leave the hand exposed

Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Freestyle Stroke
Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Breast Stroke Catch

As Skirt:

  • Use strap belt through both bags for a ‘full skirt’
  • Leave bags ‘open’ for light resistance
  • Close both ends of bags for medium resistance
  • Add our Weight Bags inside bags to add more resistance or fill bags with paddles, small weights and other items for added resistance
  • Use only 1 bag to target hips on only 1 side of body
  • Encourage ‘high hips’ by placing 1 bag on rump for free/fly/breast
  • Encourage ‘high hips by placing 1 bag on front for backstroke
  • Add a lightweight dumbbell or small weight ball to a single bag as a skirt for added drag that is almost unnoticed by the swimmer

Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune to Equalize Swimmers in the Same Lane
Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Upper Body Strength

As Parachute:

Vary size and # of sponges

More ideal as a parachute as funnels and sponges because it offers endless resistance levels compared to 3 average parachute sizes

  • Use 1 belt around waist as tug rope and the other strap as a tether
  • Or attach bag to an ankle strap
  • Funnels are ideal as they will pull you back during weak phases of your stroke where regular parachutes and sponges do not
  • Can match the resistance of most parachutes
  • Combine half skirt and 1 parachute bag for high hips and high resistance

Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Upper Body Strength

Over Fins

  • One of the hardest ways to kick and still keep a quick kick rate
  • Develops recovery power of the legs

For Pull Sets

  • Ways to use Power Bags for resistance on pull sets:
    • Leave on feet for quick pull resistance
    • As full/half skirt (and added weight inside)
    • Use our Ankle Strap to attach Power Bag as parachute
    • Attach red Power Bag strap around both ankles
    • Place 2 feet in the same bag (acts as ankle strap and drag resistance for pull sets)


    • Customize drag resistance for your stronger swimmers
    • Blend a wide range of swimmers to swim at similar paces
    • Use half skirts (3 size bags) and add 1-3 pounds of weights into skirts
    • 6 different degrees of resistance in your feet (3 sizes x open or closed)

    Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Upper Body Strength

    On Kickboard (Note only the PB40 size fits on Kickboards, not PB25)IMG_1062-Edit 3
    • Slide a Power Bag over the nose of most standard kickboards (tighten straps as needed)
    • Leave front of bag open to add resistance to normal kicking
    • Insert a pull buoy or other items into the bag on the front for high resistance
    • Add 1 strap belt around your waist and use other strap belt to drag the kickboard behind you
    • Drag over your feet to prevent kick from breaking surface for more power
    • Drag over your thighs to prevent thighs from breaking surface when breast kicking on back

    Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Flutter Kick Power
    Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Breast Kick

    As a High Elbow Development Tool:

    • Hold any standard pull buoy around the biceps to develop a high elbow catch
    • Ideal for swimmers struggling to learn drills such as our ‘dropped elbow drill’ to create high elbow and forearm catch stroke
    • Simply slide buoy into each Power Bag, then slide the arm into the bag and tighten the bag above the elbow

    Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Freestyle Stroke
    Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Breaststroke Catch

    For Flip Turns:

    • Great to train faster flip turns
    • Train them to ‘throw water’ off the ends of the Power Bags
    • Will help eliminate ‘down kicks’ into turns by keeping arms down as kick into a wall for a flip turn
    • Helps to untrain a 2-legged ‘down kick’ when engaging the turn
    • Flip Turn Drills that are ideal to add Power Bags:
      • 5-stroke Flip turns (flip every 5 strokes with full rotation and continue same direction)
      • On any ‘swim’ set, drop the arms at the flags and ‘kick through’ the turns
      • Lay flat on the surface (facing a partner), flip feet over the top and ‘throw water’ at your partner’s face
      • Add small pull buoys inside bags to avoid ‘down kick’ into turns

      Using the Power Bags to Fine Tune Flip Turns

      As Resistance Gloves:
      • PB10 size fits your hand
      • Ideal for recovery muscles and hand awareness
      • Tighten the black strap and then roll inside-out to put on hand (this keeps the bottom strap inside the bag)


      As Lane Markers:

      • Power Bags are great to mark the lanes from the floor or from the lane line
      • Ideal options for 15 meter mark/red line breakout, breathing control, breakout point, etc…
      • Options:
        • Add our Weight Bags and a carabiner to hang from the lane line
        • Add our Weight Bags and a sponge to set bag on bottom of pool


        As Diving Depth Control:

        • For swimmers that are diving too deep, create adjustable ‘sea grass’ from Power Bags that they need to glide over the top of as they dive into the pool
        • Connect 2 (or more) Power Bags to dial in the desire height. Add a few of our Weight Bags and a sponge to float up. Then, drop on center floor line to practice the right depth for diving. If the swimmer hits the bag, then they were too deep.


        Easy to Use:
        • Comfortable on ankles
        • Quick tightening strap
        • Ability to close bottoms prevents them from riding up around the ankle on breast kicking
        Each set of Power Bags Include:
        • 2 bags
        • 2 strap belts
        • Each bag has 2 straps – 1 red non-elastic (ideal for around ankles) and 1 black elastic (best for the top of calves or over elbows)
        3 sizes of Power Bags with labels
        4 sizes (6 resistance levels – each size is used ‘open’ or ‘closed’)
        • PB25 (light) – ideal for ages 12 and under
        • PB40 (heavy) – ideal for 13+ ages and most adults
        • PB50 (Expert) – only recommended for college and Olympians
        Light (PB25)
        • Medium resistance
        • Ideal for timed sets
        • Best for ages 12 and under
        Heavy (PB40)
        • Medium-to-Hard resistance
        • Great for most any workouts
        • Best for ages 13+ and most adults
        Expert (PB50)
        • Only recommended for college and Olympians


        On FeetIMG_9471 2
        • Use the red non-elastic strap around ankles for strongest hold
        • Close the bottom strap for harder workout
        • Close the bottom strap for breast kicking (so they don’t ride up leg)



        On Calves
        • Use black elastic strap at top of calves to ensure it won’t slide down
        • Tighten red strap on ankles


        On Forearms
        • Use black elastic strap over elbows to ensure it won’t slide down
        • Tighten red strap on wrist (hands free method)
        • Or bundle the open end in your fist (for more power and technique method)

        Power Your Backstroke Arms
        – Swim backstroke with the bags over your hands

          – Focus on:

        • the power of your outsweep,
        • clean lines of your recovery
        • over-shoulder entry
        • driving your catch down





        Full (or Half) Skirt
        • Place 1 strap belt through 1 or both bags and attach belt to your waist
        • Slide bags around so one is in the front and one is in the back


        • Place one strap belt around waist. Use the second belt as a pull strap (hooked to 1-2 bags)
        • Add non-floating items inside bag(s) for more resistance
        • Combine half skirt and parachute bag for higher hips and more resistance


        Kickboard Uses:
        • Slide 1 Power Bag over front of kickboard to add resistance to kick sets
        • Add pull buoy inside the Power Bag, under the board for more resistance
        • To position kickboard above knees for breast kicking, tighten stopper on kickboard bag and hook the tow belt below stopper.
        • Drag kickboard over the feet behind you to add more power to kick with less knee bend (feet can’t break surface)
        • Drag kickboard over thighs for kicking breast on the back to keep the thighs flat behind body
        Underwater Undulations (Timing and Power):

        (photo of undulations with bags on feet)

        • Use the Power Bags (PB40 and PB25 size only) to practice your underwaters
        • Add our Weight Bags inside the Power Bags to act as a pendulum for your timing development


        Care and Maintenance:
        • Hang Power Bags to dry between uses
        • Limit direct sun exposure
        • Strap Belts are best stored looped together so they don’t get tangled
        Drills and Corrections with Power Bags


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