Turn Box

  • The fastest and easiest way to clean up open turns
  • Great for beginners and advanced swimmers alike
  • Adjustable height options
  • Quick to install (just throw the strap around your blocks)
  • Easily modified to be more narrow on front (for tighter arms or smaller swimmers)
  • Easily hang rope or bags underwater (to clean up messy underwater arms)
  • (Bags and weights to make narrow are NOT included in kit)

Easily Corrects:

  • Flying arm
  • Jack-in-the box
  • Swinging head in a circle
  • Not Looking upward
  • Not breathing on turn
  • Wide arms as approach wall
  • Elbows out during compression onto wall
  • Late ½ stroke into the wall
  • Swinging legs under you instead of straight under
  • Underwater arm swirl (optional hanging bags not included)

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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Installation Instructions:

  • Rotate the legs onto the panel into side notches (pick short or tall option)
  • Extend strap so it will reach around the back of your block
  • Tighten strap to pull Turn Box tight to the wall

Things to look for:

  • Coach should be back to the side so you can see down into the box
  • Swimmers should breath during turn (tend to drive head underwater in the box)
  • Top hand should come out of the water, but not the entire arm (will hit the box)
  • The head should be facing up (and to an angle)… NOT swinging around in a circle
  • Elbows should stay tight to the body (‘elbow brother’, ‘call your mother’)
  • Their wall hand should collapse to get their body tight to the wall (and directly under the box)
  • The most critical problem to NEVER let continue is locking their elbows or pushing (if they don’t collapse onto their wall arm with bent elbow, they will be pushing themselves away from the wall)

Our Drill Progression for Open Turns:
Here is a drill progression we recommend you use for warm-ups on a regular basis
How we prefer to use this progression:
1. Swim freestyle until the flags
2. Kick only from the flags to the wall
3. This sets up the mental focus and body position for open turns
4. Include 2-4 of each drill so this will take 200-400 yards
5. Add a Turn Box to one side of the pool, so they will do the first attempt of that drill without the box, and then the second attempt will be inside the box. This allows them to focus on the drill the first time but really have to fine tune and clean up their details inside the box on the second attempt.

We have 4 different Drills in this progression:

Approach (with 2 second pause)
▪ This is the most critical drill get precise and correct every time
▪ This makes sure they get close to the wall,
▪ They must be flexing the wall arm,
▪ They must be ‘elbowing your brother’ tightly with the lead arm,
▪ Eyes should be looking down (not at hand yet)
▪ Hold for 2 seconds (confirm close to wall, arm bent, head down

Sit Up (with 2 second pause)
▪ During this phase they should be looking at their wall hand
▪ They should be engaging their core to bring their feet directly under them
▪ They should start to ‘hide’ one foot behind the other
▪ They need to be in a TIGHT ball
▪ Hold for 2 seconds (confirm close to wall, feet tucked tight, eyes on hand)

Stare Up (with 2 second pause)
▪ During this phase they continue the rotation to get their feet on the wall
▪ The feet should separate and hit the wall at shoulder width
▪ The hips should twist to get the feet at a 45 degree angle on the wall
▪ The wall hand will rotate up with the body and up to ‘call your mother’
▪ The eyes will follow the hand off the wall and up to the sky
▪ Then hold this position for 2 seconds (confirm that they feet and body are right)

Glide Turn
▪ Full turn (with all the details of previous 3 drills), focusing on a long and powerful glide
▪ Without a strong glide, all of the details in the turn didn’t pay off
▪ Aim for gliding past the flags (at least)

Common Problems Fixed by Turn Box:

Jack-in-the box (impossible inside box)

Swinging head in a circle (difficult inside box)

Not breathing on turn (won’t want to do this inside box at first)

Wide arms as approach wall (side legs of box will clean this up)

Elbows out during compression onto wall (can’t do this with box)

Late ½ stroke into the wall (can’t do this inside the box)

Swinging legs under instead of straight (fix with optional hanging bags)

Underwater arm swirl (fix this with optional hanging bags)

Flying arm (impossible inside box)

More Narrow Entry Option
There are a few reasons you may want to tighten up the width of the box:
1. Smaller swimmers
2. More advanced swimmers (get them tighter and faster)
3. Messy underwater arms

How you can do it:

  • Due to the added weight on the front, it is important to get the Turn Box VERY tight up against the wall of the pool
  • Use our Power bags and place ¼ pound weight bag (or less) inside

  • Hang the power bag strap on the hanging notch

  • Select the width by moving the bag string into either front notch option
  • Tuck the lower string inside the bag so they don’t’ catch it with their hand

This will help:
1. Make it more narrow on the entry (keep them in hyper streamline)
2. Clean up any underwater mess with their arms (which will wrap around the bags)