Weight Bags

    • Pinpoint precise areas to add weight to your strokes and kicks
    • Lightweight (1/2 lb [blue] or 1/4 lb [red] ea) to dial-in a total weight to suit your needs
    • Target the upkick muscles for all strokes by adding around arch of feet
    • Designed with loose beads to confirm to your body
    • Train technique such as:
      • Around arch of feet to upkick at finish of breaststroke
      • Around hand of fingers to drive backstroke hands down on catch
      • Speed up flip turns and open turns
    • Develop Power such as:
      • Around waist to power dives off blocks or back starts
      • Around wrists/hands to power arm recovery muscles
      • Around ankles/feet to power recovery leg muscles
      • Inside Power Bags as a skirt for frontal drag resistance
    • 1.5 lb bag:
      • Triple chamber bags with 1.5 pounds of total weight
      • Fit over our waist belts
      • Can slide your entire hand through them for ‘fist drill’
      • Ideal for all sorts of dryland drills
    • Weight Pouch:
      • Neoprene pouches can be filled with any of our weights
      • Fill with 3-5 pounds of our Weight Bags
      • Insert our 1.5 Bags, 1/2 lb bags, or 1/4 lb bags
      • Pouches slide over any of our 2″ wide belts
      • Great for in-water, vertical kicking, and dryland
    • Kits available:
      • Weight Bags (110 Set of 4) (Red)
      • Weight Bags (220 Set of 4) (Blue)
      • 1.5 lb Weight Bag
      • Ankle/Wrist/Fin Weight Kit (4 bags of 110, 2 Wrist Straps, 2 Ankle Straps)
      • Deluxe Weight Kit (same as Ankle Kit + 4 blue bags + 1SwimBelt)















Purchase Options:

    • Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

      Weight Bag Uses:

      Function Description
      Fin/Ankle Weights Build Recovery Muscles (upkick muscles)
      Top of Feet Train upkick on all strokes and Train upkick finish on breaststroke
      Wrist/Hand (glove) Weights Build Recovery Muscles
      Wrist/Hand Weights Use as weight gloves to power your stroke
      Finger Weights Cover any 2-3 fingers for hand entry/catch focus
      Weight Belt Improve body position & balance
      Drag Suit/Shorts Add inside Power Bags as weighted skirt
      Weighted Parachute Add to 1SwimChute or inside our Power Bags
      Weighted Alignment Kickboard Add to our neutrally buoyant kickboard, Lil’ Red Kick to use as a weight for kicking and swim drills
      Lane Line Markers Add inside our Power Bags and hand from lane lines
      Lane Floor Markers Add inside our Power Bags with a pull buoy to mark locations along the pool floor
      Race Training Connect 2 Weight Bags with our Ankle Strap to throw in front of a swimmer for them to catch before it hits the floor from their start
      Weight for our Eel-Fins Use far away from feet for chest-led undulations and close to the feet for race pace undulation speed development

      Power your Flutter Kick Recovery Muscles (Ankle and Fin Weights)

      • Gravity helps the downkick, recovery muscles develop fast with weights on feet/ankles/fins
      • Add to the ankles, feet, or fins
      • Add our Drag Cups to your fins for frontal drag and upkick power
      • Use as many weight bags as needed but note that even 1-2 bags may seem ‘easy’ at first and will become more noticeable over extended sets
      • Mates With: Ankle straps to attach weights to fins, Wrist Straps to attach to ankles


      Power your Undulation Recovery Muscles

      • Swim the ‘flow drill’ or ‘rib hinge’ fly undulations with weights on ankles
      • Either strap the feet together (Ankle Strap) w/weights or weights on each ankle (Wrist Straps)
      • Perform this drill on the stomach, back, or underwater
      • Mates With: Ankle Strap, Wrist Straps


      Power your Stroke Recovery Muscles (Hand/Wrist/Arm Weights)

      • Add 1-4 weights to your arm, hand, wrist for stroke recovery power
      • Great for any and all strokes
      • Great for sculling drills
      • Mates With: Wrist Straps

      Weight Belt

      • Add 4-20 bags to a weight belt for as much as 5 pounds of weight
      • Train higher hips and ‘chest press’ in all strokes
      • Improve off-the-wall power
      • Hip Weights help develop core rotation power
      • Add the Drag Cups to also increase frontal drag resistance
      • Mates With: 1SwimBelt

      Add Weight to your Parachute

      • Add to any parachute or our 1SwimChute
      • Helps the chutes track straighter and under the surface
      • Helps chutes open up faster
      • Add more drag to the parachute
      • If you only add to 2 adjacent sides of a chute, it will help them not spin and get tangled
      • Mates With: 1SwimChute

      Improving Hand Entry Technique

      • Place the Weight Bags on any 2 fingers to focus on hand entry
      • Create an instant catch without a glide (on ring/middle fingers)
      • Drive backstroke entry depth deeper into the catch (place on pinky/ring)
      • Mates With: can use alone or with Wrist Straps

      Stroke Technique Fine-Tuning

      • Place Weight Bags on any 2 fingers for any stroke or drill
      • Try the Bending Elbow catch drill or sculling drills for hand awareness
      • Strap will cover part of the fingers and change the sensation of the hand
      • Swim Fist drill with Weight Bags in hand or on fingers
      • Mates With: can use alone or with Wrist Straps

      Create own Ultimate Drag Skirt

      • Create your own Drag suit / Drag Skirt with our Power Bags
      • Attach Power Bags around your waists with belts provided or our 1SwimBelt
      • Insert Weight Bags into the Power Bags to help the bag sink and vary the rate of resistance from the bags (add weights to front or back skirt)
      • Mates With: Power Bags, optionally 1SwimBelt

      Lane Markers

        • Add lane markers instantly to your pool
        • Mark the 15 meter break-out point, goal underwater points, flags, etc..
        • Lane Line option: add Weight Bag(s) inside our Power Bags and carabiner to a lane line
        • Lane Floor option: Add Weight Bag(s) inside Power Bags and add a small Pull buoy to quickly add a marker that floats up off the floor
        • Floating versions from the floor can safely limit how deep swimmers dive by moving up the buoy to your target depth that they have to stay above
        • Mates With: Power Bags, optionally 1SwimBelt

      Turn our Power Bags into a Parachute:
      (Photos: PB40 as a parachute)

      • Everyone should have our power bags on deck… so make them multi-use by pulling them as a parachute!
      • Add Weight Bags inside our Power Bags to add more drag resistance along with sponges or funnels
      • Mates With: Power Bags and the 2 belts included with the Power Bags (add your own sponges and/or funnels to increase drag)

      A Negatively-Buoyant Alignment Kickboard

      • Our Lil’ Red Kick is neutrally buoyant (i.e. just barely floats) to force swimmers to support themselves and to help them swim more balanced from their core.
      • Add Weight Bags to the Velcro strap on our Lil’ Red Kick to make it negatively buoyant!
      • Now you have to use upper body to kick, streamline, undulate, etc…
      • Great as a weight for overhead drills (vertical kicks, overhead catch up kicking drills, etc…)
      • Mates With: Lil’ Red Kick

      Kickboard Drag Parachute

      • Add our Weight Bags to the lower 2 carabiners on our 1SwimChute and connect it under your kickboard
      • The weights will help keep the chute open.
      • Remember the 1SwimChute is adjustable to make 4 different sizes of parachute
      • Mates With: 1SwimChute, your own kickboard (foam types are best)

      Motivate Dive/Breakout Speed

      • Make a ‘sinker’ by combining 2 Weight Bags with our Ankle Strap
      • Throw it into the water as the start buzzer sounds for a diver… target a distance that will challenge their speed to catch it before it sinks too deep
      • Slow down the sinker by adding our Power Bag or other items
      • Mates With: Ankle Strap, Wrist Strap, Power Bag and most anything to control the sink rate

      Use as a movable weight on our Eel-Fins:

      • Add weights to our Eel-Fins to train proper undulations
      • Mount the weights far away from the feet to create a ‘chest-lead’ or ‘rib-hinge’ undulation
      • Mount the weights close to the feet to create a faster ‘race pace’ undulation
      • Mates With: Any Eel-Fin and Ankle Strap

      Speed up Turns

      • Place Weight Bags on top of your feet with wrist straps around your arches
      • Add enough weight to help each swimmer develop more speed and power on their open turns and flip turns

      Build An UpKick for Breaststroke

      • It is key to have the feet finish close to the surface on the breast kick to ensure maximum glide speed. This should happen as the kick finishes, NOT after the glide has started
      • Place the Weight Bags on top of the feet (so you don’t push off the wall on top of the bags) using the Wrist Straps
      • This process can help train the feel of a quick upkick

Installation Tips:

  • Be sure to keep the bags close to the buckle when first installing so you have room for the Velcro
  • Keep buckle just behind inner ankle bone, and the weight just behind the outer ankle bone
  • To prevent the bags from flopping on the strap, you can also place the beads between the strap and the body instead of having the bags on the outside of the straps

Dual Leg Attachment

  • Use our Ankle (or Knee) Strap and Weight Bags around both ankles (or Knees)
  • Pull Sets – Train to press the chest and keep the hips/legs up
  • Body Dolphin on stomach – build recovery muscles
  • Body Dolphin on back – build power muscles

Weight Belt Around the Chest

  • Use our 1swimbelt (or knee strap for smaller swimmers) with Weight Bags
  • Place the belt and weights around the chest
  • This will help counteract buoyance and train high hips
  • Can be used to reduce the height of the chest on breaststroke and butterfly

Create a Neutrally Buoyant Kickboard

  • Use our Knee Strap around a kickboard and add as many Weight Bags as you need
  • Reduces the buoyance of your kickboard to minimize the ‘support’ and lift
  • Reduces the lift from the board when streamlining off the walls

Dryland Uses For Weight Bags

  • Combine the Weight Bags, Wrist Straps and go crazy
  • Lots of endless dryland uses
  • Use on ankles or wrists for nearly any dryland exercises