Finds and Fixes

Using Finds and Fixes
Finds and Fixes are intended to help swimmers understand (Finds) and solve (Fix) their own problems. Your coach is key in helping you to Find and prioritize problems and suggest solutions. However, each swimmer needs to take an aggressive approach to Fixing their own problems. Not only should they have a plan each time they they push off the wall for how they can fix one (or more) of their problems, but they also should have an overall plan to steadily Fix more and more problems over the long haul of their training program. In that light our Finds and Fixes are designed to be a self-help guide on how a swimmer can/should take responsibility for their own problems. You first must start with a detailed analysis of your strokes to Find and prioritize your problems. Your coach can help you with that or you can send us your own videos and we can provide you with a Stroke Analysis and Fix-It plan.
Please note that our ‘Fixes’ listed for each stroke problem are merely generic suggestions and are not tailored to the individual. Each individual will have a different combination of problems and differing degrees of similar problems. These different combinations of problems will impact each other and require a different approach to Fixing each single problem. Our Fixes are intentionally generic to help most swimmers. However we suggest you submit your own video of each stroke and have us provide you with a customized Fix-It plan.