“Our daughter uses the EelFin during drills while training and it has been very beneficial in her progress. Her technique has greatly improved with the use of this product and I highly recommend the EelFin for the serious competitive swimmer. ” – Amazon Customer


“The SwimmersBest Power Bags is an incredible multisport tool. I use them for a few months now, and the impact on my swimming is huge !
You will feel the improvement very fast after only few sessions. While swimming with them, you’ll feel the resistance, but when you remove them : you’ll feel that your body readjust his position and make you swim more efficiently.
An amazing advantage working with the Power Bags is the diversity of muscles exercices from feet to shoulders that you do with only one tool.
One of the other biggest advantage of the Power Bags is that you can take them to train while travelling around the world, which will not be the case for most swimming gear because they take too much place ! The Power Bags are superlight and you take them into bags.” – dewalque nicolas

“Excellent product for training!” – Guillermo Navarro

Great product. I have been using these for training. They are great for building up leg muscles. Fast service.” – Superman

“These power bags are great for the competitive swimmer. My daughter has used them often over the past 6 months, and she has used them in many different ways. She has used them on her forearms to add that extra resistance on pull sets. She has used them on her feet for kick sets…the great thing is you can leave them open at bottom for less resistance or you can close them to push training to another level. We have used them as a skirt around her waist for more resistance during her glide time to force more strokes and more intensity during sets. Recently we have placed it over a kick board and placed a buoy in it for even more resistance during kick sets. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to take their training to an all new level. ” – Amazon Customer

“The power bags have made a huge difference in my child’s training. After practices she uses the bags she always talks about how difficult the workouts were, but she continues to cut time in races. These are great tools for the competitive swimmer. ” – Dana Mobley


“Easily used for kicking drills. Also used it on arms during triple kick breaststroke with good responses from the kids.– Amazon Customer

Precision Paddle

“I purchased these as I have been looking for a better displacement paddle. They work very well and the open back is an interesting twist to others I have tried. I guess the EVF catch from the open back may work for some problems but we haven’t tested that yet.” – Amazon Customer

“This product does wonders in the water. My son has used it for almost a year now at swim team practice and it truly helps. I highly recommend this product and this company for any of your swimming technique needs.” – Amazon Customer

Touch Paddle

“This is a wonderful product that I highly recommend. Both of my children have used them during swim team practice and it really makes a difference in their technique and speed.” – Amazon Customer

Glide Paddle

“The more times my athletes use them the more they like them.
They are a bit heavy too. They are made of very quality materials.” – Amazon Customer

Precise Paddle

“We bought these along with the Precision paddles to try out the displacement function. These are more difficult to get used to than the larger size but they allow for a better feel in the water. With only the finger tips being covered, my catch feels different than with any other paddles I have tried. I like how these make me think differently about my catch.” – Amazon Customer

“The unique texture and the displacement pocket helps improve the stroke technique as well as helping our swimmers feel the water and gain the necessary muscles. We have used them for all strokes with varying degree of success.” – Amazon Customer

JetBoat Straps

“I can’t say enough positive stuff about this product. My youngest already knew how to swim (survive), but lacked technique and confidence in the water. He used the jet boat straps many times during swim team practice along with many of his swimming buddies and it worked like a charm. Now he is swimming with proper technique and with confidence. We actually saw some swimmers using this product during a summer swim meet for all of their younger swimmers and it was wonderful.” – Amazon Customer