• Improve ankle flexibility
  • Retrain ‘breast kicking’ on free and back kicking
  • Increase ankle strength
  • Fins flex to allow normal flip turns, standing, etc…
  • Act as ‘springs’ to push the ankles straight
  • Flex plate is free to move in and out of the top strap

Kit includes:

  • 2 assembled KickRights
  • 2 install Velcro straps
  • 2 additional calf straps


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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

    How to Install:

  • Insert ball of foot into the bottom strap
  • Tighten strap around back of heel
  • Wrap additional strap around calf and Flex Panel

Stop Breast Kicking on Freestyle, Back and Fly

  • Great for the kids that naturally ‘push’ with their feet or ‘bicycle kick’
  • It will not make it impossible, it will just make it exhausting for them
  • The flat panel on the top of the foot, constantly reminds them NOT to bend with the ankle

Improve Breast Kick – Recovery Phase

  • Helps ‘hide’ the kick recovery by actively making them bend the ankles behind the heels

Improve the Breast Kick Engagement

  • Trains a faster, more deliberate catch at the ‘top’ of the breast kick
  • Most swimmers don’t bend their ankles fast enough and star their kick with a slice
  • With the KickRight, if the ankles are not flexed back, the slice is more noticeable
  • Practice single leg kicks (moderate-to-slow tempo) to focus on the ankles at the catch
  • Then practice ‘egg beater’ kick (on stomach or back) with alternating single kicks

Improves Angle of Flutter Kick Feet

  • A common cause of ankle strain problems is rotating the ankle inward or sideways
  • KickRight will guide a straight back and straight down kick angle
  • It is ideal for people with ankle problems from using fins (a sure sign of angle problems)

Support Tender Ankles

  • Swimmers often have tender ankles after a strain, break or other medical problem
  • The KickRight can help get your kicking going again when first getting back in the water

On Hands/Wrist – Train a Better Catch and Push Phase

  • KickRight can also be used on your hands/wrists
  • It will help train swimmers to engage their catch from fingertips (or you won’t catch anything)
  • On both the free and back, it will help create a deliberate ‘push phase on the outsweep
  • For Breast stroke it forces you to clean up your recovery hands for the least resistance