Drag Cups

  • Targeted drag resistance where you need it!
  • This Ultimate Drag solution lets you to add drag precisely where you want to magnify the feedback and help you swim cleaner
  • Mates with our SB Velcro Straps (1SwimBelt, Knee, Ankle, & Wrist straps)
  • Drag Suit/Shorts: Wear on your front hips, side hips, or back hips
  • SB Ultimate Drag Suit: 1) place on back of hips to train high hips (feel less drag when SB cups are out of the water), 2) place on front of hips to train high hips on backstroke, 3) place on sides of hips for overall drag PLUS to act as ‘hip fins’ to help improve rotation and timing of hips
  • Kick Resistance: Wear on your fins for frontal drag resistance
  • Ultimate Kick Power: Increase Drag by covering w/SB Power Bags or SB Resistance Gloves
  • Drag Leggings: Attach to your knees or legs for frontal drag and kick resistance
  • Wear on your hands, knees, ankles, forearms and more











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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Max Out your Resistance with Drag Cups on Fins

    • Resistance similar to parachutes without pulling your hips down
    • One of the hardest way to kick
    • Provides overall frontal drag across both phases of your kick
    • Add SB Resistance Gloves, or SB Power Bags over the Cups to added resistance
    • Mates With: SB Ankle Straps to add to fins
    • There are 3 ways to add SB Drag Cups to your Fins:
      • Not Easy – Perpendicular without any bags
      • Moderate – Through slot with SB Resistance Gloves
      • Harder – Perpendicular with SB Resistance Gloves
      • Crazy – Perpendicular with SB Power Bags over the entire fin
      • Ass-Kickers – Perpendicular with SB Power Bags over cups

Specific Hip Resistance (Ultimate Drag Suit solution)

      • The Ultimate Drag Suit which allows you to target front, back or side hip drag
      • Add to both front and back hips for the ultimate frontal drag resistance
      • Drag Shorts add minor drag, SB Drag Cups can be ‘dialed’ in without messing with your strokes
      • Increase resistance with SB Resistance Gloves, SB Power Bags or even the SB Weight Bags
      • Use only on the back hips to train higher hips on freestyle
      • Use only on the front hips to train higher hips on backstroke
      • Use only on side hips for general frontal drag resistance
      • Mates With: 1SwimBelt

Add Drag for Breaststroke Kick Recovery

      • Target the glide phase and recovery phase of breast kicking
      • Become more aware of the frontal drag from your breast kick recovery
      • Combine with SB Knee Strap to restrict kick width as well
      • Mates With: SB Knee Strap (around both knees), or SB Ankle Straps (around each knee)

Add Drag to your kick:

      • Add frontal drag to your kick by attaching to your ankles
      • Increase rate of drag with SB Power Bags (over the feet or over the cups)
      • What leggings SHOULD feel like
      • Mates With: SB Wrist Straps

Power your breaststroke arm recovery:

      • Few would disagree that the future of breaststroke involves a faster and more powerful arm recovery.
      • Add resistance to force more power and more speed
      • Mates With: SB Wrist Straps
Location of Drag Cup Photo Outsweep Resistance Insweep Resistance Encourage Elbows Out Catch Encourage Drop Elbows to Ribs Encourage EVF Catch Build Catch Power
Top of Forearm ** ** (**) ** **
Inside of Forearm * (*) *** *
Outside of Elbow * *** ** (**) ***
Inside Wrist * * * * *
Outside Wrist ***

Notes on the chart above:
– The more astricks, the more valuable this combination
– Cells with no astricks means this combination is not relevent
– Cells with ( ) mean the combination is the reverse (discourages instead of encourage
– Please note that some people train swimmers ‘slam’ their elbows into their ribs and other train for swimmers to keep the elbows out away from the ribs. These 2 features contrast each other and need you to choose your preference

Improve Your Breast Kick Technique

  • There are endless locations to attach SB Cups to knees, calves, and ankles
  • But we recommend 3 key locations:
    • Outside of Ankles – ideal to focus on the speed of your kick recovery
    • Inside of Ankles – ideal to focus on the power of a high catch
    • Outside of Mid Calve – good all around breast kick (focusing on Recovery, outsweep, upkick and your glide speed
Location of Drag Cup Photo Recovery Outsweep Propulsive Catch Propulsive Whip Finish Upkick Glide
Outside of Ankle *** * * * *
Inside of Ankle * **
Outside of Mid-Calf ** * * **

Adjustable Resistance Kickboard (DIY Drag Chute)

  • Create an adjustable resistance kickboard (battleboard)
  • Add to any standard kickboard or the SB Lil’ Red Kick
  • Use the SB Knee strap around any kickboard and attach 2-4 SB Drag Cups + SB Bags
  • Flip the board upside down for an ‘easy’ set and then up for a hard set

Add to SB Eel-Fin for Extremely Hard Undulations

  • Use the SB Velcro Ankle Strap to attach the Drag Cups to the SB Pro Eel-fin
  • Move the SB Drag Cups closer or further away from your feet
  • Creates a massive degree of frontal drag
  • Builds both power and recovery muscles for your undulations

Core Workout

  • Combine the SB Drag Cups/Power Bags/Weight Bags on the SB 1Swimbelt
  • Position the SB Cups and Weight Bags on your sides
  • Cups add drag while the Weights work the power of the core rotation
  • Must focus a lot of attention and effort into your core rotation

Retrain ‘Dropped Elbow’ Problems on the Catch of most strokes

  • Use SB Velcro Ankle Straps to attach Drag Cups on the Inside of the Elbows
  • This will add resistance when/if the elbows drop
  • This also helps create the ‘feel’ of reaching over something
  • Helps focus on driving the finger down instead of the leading with the elbows

Controlling Head Position

  • Use SB Ankle Strap to attach the Drag Cup around the neck and under the chin
  • Swimmer should keep their chin pressing down on the top of the cup
  • The SB Velcro Strap will make it difficult to lift their head up
  • The cup will make it impossible to drive their head too far down